Spring is around the corner!

Winter storms have battered the country over the past few days. Bloomfield has certainly been lucky compared to the devastation some have experienced. Considering the amount of trees we have on site our walk around to assess damage was carried out with our breaths held. It was a little wet under foot but everything was still standing! We breathed a huge sigh of relief.  As we are not opening for another couple of months all the yurts are still safely stored away and the installation date of our new safari tent (Twiggy) hasn’t quite arrived yet…..fingers crossed for a dry few days at the beginning of March and we’ll be able to welcome Twiggy on site. Work we are doing on the ponds came to a stand still but again, a few dry days will soon see this work completed. We are so excited as the results should be something special!

At the moment it’s hard to believe that spring is around the corner. Bloomfield is the most beautiful place in the spring. It’s amazing to see the site come to life with new growth. Bloomfield will certainly soon be in bloom and we can’t wait.

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