Site Layout



Bloomfield is divided into 2 areas – the pitch area and the pond area. These are separated by a fence and gates which are always kept closed.

All pitches are large and house a timber deck on which sits your 6 metre Yurt. Off to the side is a kitchen unit with covered seating. Elsewhere within each pitch is a log store and a firepit. Beech, Maple, Willow and Oak are all along the far edge of the field. Maple and Willow have lovely views of Hambledon Hill, Oak is probably the most private pitch as it’s a little more tucked away and Poplar is more central and is the pitch which is nearest the facilities block. All pitches offer something slightly different but are all within easy reach of the toilet/shower block.  

Twiggy, the safari tent, is position at the opposite end of the site to the yurts. It is in a very quiet spot yet close to the facilities. Like the yurts it has a very spacious, private pitch.


All pitches are interlinked by cut paths in the grass which are great for letting the kids run free around. If you would like more information on pitches to aid a decision before booking then please get in touch and we can talk you through each of them.