Listed below are some of the measures we have taken and methods we have implemented in setting up Bloomfield Camping and that have resulted in us being Carbon Negative and achieving a GOLD grading from Green Tourism.


Whilst we always had the intention of trying to use solar power in some capacity through the build, an extortionate quote to bring mains power to the site meant that using solar for ALL of our requirements became the only viable option. A bank of 12 solar panels puts charge into a large battery bank and this is then converted for use via an inverter. Under normal use we have 3 days backup to cover us during any periods of bad weather. We have a generator backup should this spell be extended.

To keep consumption as low as possible our lighting option uses the latest low voltage LED lights that are all controlled via motion activated PIR sensors. This ensures that no lights can be left on when buildings are unoccupied.

Whilst we were somewhat pushed down the full solar route we wanted to ensure that there were no compromises with what this provided. We therefore scaled the system to make sure that there was sufficient capacity for hair drier and straightener use – this is Glamping after all.


We are also off-grid when it comes to sewage. We have a packaged system on site that treats sewage and grey waste water to a sufficiently good standard to then discharge into the watercourse. In addition to this we have also planted additional reedbeds along the watercourse and around the ponds to provide further filtration.

We also have a waterless toilet in addition to the main toilets.

Building and fit-out:

As part of these works we have tried to recycle as much as possible from elsewhere. As part of my winter job of managing Office Refurbishments I get to see just first hand the large amount of materials get thrown away to landfill. We were keen not to just go out and buy everything new and to this end we have been able to re-use laminate panels, toilets, basins, mirrors, sinks, worktops and furniture that would normally have been thrown away into skips as unwanted waste. This is all in fantastic condition and in some cases has never been used before install on the site.

In addition to the above we have also used old scaffold boards for shelving, signage and worktops.

To keep water usage and waste to a minimum we have installed non-concussive taps on our basins and low flush toilets.

Wildlife and planting:

We have an abundance of wildlife on site including bats, herons, kingfishers, owls, dragon flies, voles and many, many more. We are always looking at ways to help these and to improve further and so leave large areas of the site uncut including the boundary edges alongside hedgerows.

We have planted additional sections of hedging along with numerous native trees and fruit trees. These will be continually added to year on year.


Washing up liquid, hand washes, cleaning and washing products are all Eco-friendly.

Recycling bins are also provided

Carbon Offsetting:

As part of our Green Tourism Assessment visit the subject of Carbon Offsetting and trying to become Carbon Neutral was raised. Whilst we have already carried out a great amount of planting on we are still looking to do more. For anyone wishing to offset their holiday travel we will plant a tree on site and detail their names on a new Green Bloomfield board. You get the great feeling of your holidays being Carbon Neutral, help us with additional planting and also get to see your tree grow year after year.