As part of the site improvement works last year at Bloomfield Camping we dug and landscaped a small stream and some additional pond areas. There had always been a supply of water to the main ponds but this was overgrown and nothing more than a small grassy depression. We wanted to create a more visible supply and areas that would regulate the flow in the winter, provide additional wildlife habitat and allow planting of more rushes etc.

This work was carried out in Spring last year. The area grassed back over extremely quickly and the transplanted irises have really taken hold and were almost instantly alive with dragonflies.

Roll forward just a year and this area is home for families of moorhens and ducks that have both raised young. We get regular visits from a heron and have seen fleeting glimpses of a kingfisher. We have also seen dramatic growth of pond weed and so this weekend saw the waders being donned and areas of this being thinned out so that there were some clear areas created to allow the birds to actually swim in the water rather than walking over the weed.

This was back breaking work but well worth the effort as we now have a better environment for a range of wildlife. We have left sections uncleared as we made some fantastic discoveries when removing the weed. Whilst the peacocks, kingfishers, herons etc are undoubtedly the show ponies around site, it was the discovery of breeding sticklebacks and newts that has us really happy. In just over a year this area has gone from having nothing to an extremely healthy population of underwater creatures as we also found a host of shrimps, bugs, beetles etc.


Tom digging out one of the new areas.



Digging out the new stream that connects the 3 new ponds


One of the pond areas dug out and ready for the slow fill.


The pond nearest to the Car Park slowly filling up as final landscaping work is completed.

photo 2-2

A year later and the weed certainly grows well. Time for a bit of a clear out.

photo 1-2

Piling it up and the chickens are feating on all sorts of bugs.

photo 3-1

Some of the new residents. Newts have made this home and are thriving by the looks of these youngsters.

photo 1-1

Sticklebacks are also thriving and are a very welcome addition.

photo 2-1