Well ok then, some of these can also be enjoyed by us larger kids as well…

Away from the manicured pitch and path areas we have left the majority of the grass around the site grow long. This not only provides a safe haven for wildlife (and we have books/sheets for those wanting to go on bug hunts) but has allowed us to cut a few small tracks that are great for hide and seek/capture the flag type games.

Everyone loves a swing. Well we certainly do and so have installed a couple of rope ones for you to enjoy.

There have been quite a few programmes and school activities featuring pond dipping recently and so, as we have 2 ponds, it seemed natural to make some nets and trays available so that you can explore what lies beneath the surface. Snails, larvae, fry – who knows what you might find……….

When everyone has been worn out running around raiding dens, finding treasure and swinging for the sky we have sets of garden darts and quoits around the site for the whole family to enjoy together. Swingball has been the hit of 2014 so far for both kids and adults reliving their pre-Xbox days. What a great way to end the day.

Leave the X Box, video games and tablets at home and engage in some quality family time and fun with the old school games on site.