Having grown up in the countryside before the fixation with internet and gaming systems we completely see where the National Trust were coming from when they launched their “50 things to do before you are 11 3/4” list, in a move to encourage more people to get out and explore the great outdoors. We fully endorse this initiative and feel that a stay at Bloomfield Camping can compliment this. We’ve listed their items below and shown which ones could be ticked off during a stay with us.

National Trust “50 Things to do” list

1 Climb a tree On site
2 Roll down a hill A short walk away
3 Camp out in the wild On site
4 Build a den On site
5 Skim a stone Short drive away
6 Run around in the rain On site – but hopefully not available during your stay
7 Fly a kite On site
8 Catch a fish in a net On site
9 Eat an apple straight from the tree On site
10 Play conkers A short walk away
11 Throw some snow Hopefully not
12 Hunt for treasure on a beach Short drive away
13 Make a mud pie On site
14 Dam a stream  
15 Go sledging Hopefully not
16 Bury someone in the sand Short drive away
17 Set up a snail race On site
18 Balance on a fallen tree A short walk away
19 Swing on a rope swing On site
20 Make a mud slide  
21 Eat blackberries growing in the wild On site
22 Take a look inside a tree  
23 Visit an island On site & short drive away
24 Feel like you’re flying in the wind A short walk away
25 Make a grass trumpet On site
26 Hunt for fossils and bones Short drive away
27 Watch the sun wake up On site
28 Climb a huge hill A short walk away
29 Get behind a waterfall  
30 Feed a bird from your hand On site
31 Hunt for bugs On site
32 Find some frogspawn On site
33 Catch a butterfly in a net On site
34 Track wild animals On site
35 Discover what’s in a pond On site
36 Call an owl On site
37 Check out crazy creatures in a rock pool Short drive away
38 Bring up a butterfly  
39 Catch a crab Short drive away
40 Go on a nature walk at night On site
41 Plant it, grow it, eat it On site
42 Go wild swimming  
43 Go rafting  
44 Light a fire without matches On site
45 Find your way with a map and compass On site
46 Try bouldering  
47 Cook on a campfire On site
48 Try abseiling  
49 Find a Geocache On site and locally
50 Canoe down a river