We have a fantastic stone parking area just inside the gate so there are no problems with slippery grass, puddles or mud which are the last thing that you want to be greeted with upon arrival or have to battle with just as you’re packing the car for the journey home.

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To make moving your kit from car to Yurt and back as easy as possible we have a number of barrows/trailers that are perfect for the job. Lightweight so that they can be pulled by hand or, if needed, quickly attached to our mower. If required the mower can be fully armed with a 2 large Super Soakers to keep the kids in check 😉



Our 6 metre Yurts are designed to give even greater space and luxury and are all pitched on wooden decks and are adorned with fixtures and fittings to provide cosy havens. Each one has a proper king size bed with memory foam mattress and 2 x single futons for the kids.

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Each pitch has its own kitchen area. These feature gas cookers with grill and oven so there’s no struggling with a 2 ring camping stove here. All cutlery, crockery, pots, pans etc are provided along with shelves full of bits and bobs to take the stress and strain out of cooking. Each area has ample seating under a canvas canopy.

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Toilet/Shower block

Our main toilet and shower has 2 x flushing toilets, 2 x wash hand basins, 2 x showers, freezers, phone/ipad charging points and a washing up sink. One of the wash cubicles also has a hair drier and straighteners. As well as the main toilet block we have also incorporated an additional waterless toilet nearer to the camping area. Our main toilet block  is “off grid” and features a packaged sewage system so we wont be feeding into the mains. This is better for the environment as nature breaks things down and this also collects our “grey” water, processes it naturally to a level where we can feed it back into the watercourse.

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We had always liked the idea of being off grid and the £32k quote from Southern Electric meant that this was the way that we had to go when it came to power. After looking into the many different systems out there we finally settled on a system of 12 x panels and 16 x Rolls batteries to provide our power. These give us power for lighting, pumps, freezers, hair drier and straightener power.


In summary – easy parking, transport to pitches, large well furnished Yurts, full cooking facilities, hammocks, spacious showers, clean toilets, additional compost toilet, washing up facilities, great location for kids, firepits and loads more.


Wifi & Phones

Mobile signal is pretty good now on site given it’s remoteness and the possible signal blocker that is Hambledon Hill. If for some reason your signal is not great one site then we have a landline in reception that can be used as a contact point for friends/family if required.

A majority of parents use a break with us as a chance to get the kids away from screens and to encourage them to get out, explore and play outside. We do however have charging stations if devices are brought. Whisper is quietly but we also have wifi on site and with our booster this does reach the pitches. The handing out of the password can be restricted if required – unless of course it’s needed to check football/rugby/TdF results……