Reaction to our first season completely surpassed every hope that we had for Bloomfield Camping and has left us extremely excited for 2015 as we believe that the site will get better year after year. We are therefore pleased to publish our 2015 dates and to take bookings for any early birds out there already looking forward to next summer.

We are still keeping prices the same across the board no matter whether it’s low or high season, school holidays or not but have had to increase by £10 to cover a small amount of increased overheads such as gas, logs, storage and laundry. This still represents great value though and there are no additional charges for bedding packs, logs, showers etc unlike some of the other sites. 

We have always believed that it was unfair to penalise families during school holidays by increasing costs when you don’t have a choice on when to take your holidays without incurring a fine. Our philosophy is that there should be no price increases at peak times and so we have the same price for 3 night weekend breaks as we do for 4 night midweek breaks at ALL TIMES throughout the season. Just another reason to love Bloomfield Camping, to tell all of your friends about us and to keep coming back.
In other news we have now packed away for the winter but will be working hard over the next few months to improve site even further. We will be extending the drainage along the path and adding in even more planting over the next few weeks to further enhance the general site and once complete we will then focus on the smaller tweaks and additions that have been mentioned in feedback to make Bloomfield 2015 an even better experience.